Valentine’s day personalized art

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“Painting commissioned  by Jeremy Cox for Liz, his wife…

This is an original art piece that tells a story of that first moment,   when you  first saw each other. This is an abstract map that shows the location of that first glimpse  into each other’s eyes. It also shows the coordinates of that special place”
gift idea personalized art

I sent  Jeremy and his wife a surprise! This painting with the paint brush spelling her name… what do you think? let me know on facebook :D

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I’m thinking of a fun experimental art session -online BYOB live FOR “”… Only 5peeps, MUST HAVE no art experience grin emoticon -if interested email me artandcookiesATgmailDotcom sorry must be over 21yearsofage ‪#‎art‬‪#‎artclass‬ ‪#‎happy‬ ‪#‎funny‬ ‪#‎aliceinwonderland‬ ‪#‎NONARTIST‬ - We’ll laugh, have fun and collaborate on an art piece in this online get together(not a class) and I will have posters made from our collective artwork and mail them to you. Basically I want to prove that anybody can have fun with art and at the same time end up with a collectively made kick ass art work!Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.47.01 PM


Comment Of The Day: writer4peace

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I love reading comments under my videos.  After over 6 years of posting stuff on YouTube it is still so much fun to see what people think of my creations.

YouTube Video Comment





Thanks writer4peace and everybody else who comments on YouTube, Twitter, my Website, etc.  I almost never get to meet you guys face to face but I want you to know that it is your feedback that kept me going and makes me want to create.  Thank YOU!



Rihanna Diamonds Timelapse Art Video with Lyrics

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It took me weeks to complete this video.  It’s finally ready.  I hope you enjoy the Rihanna Diamonds Timelapse Art Video.  Lyrics are also included below.  Please let me know what you think!

Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond

Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky

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Lance Armstrong on Oprah

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I must admit the whole thing about Lance Armstrong is disappointing and sad. I believe in many ways we look in sports for role models. Role models have a huge impact in our culture and this impact translates in the arts. Why?  Art imo in part is about communicating life, culture and the need to inspire people. Role models serve as source of inspiration not only for artists but for everybody. Don’t you agree?  So when such a beloved hero falls down from his pedestal, it is impossible not to notice the emptiness that leaves behind. Whether you watched the Oprah interview or read any of the articles  you cant help having a sour like feeling- well that was me. I read an article and I saw in the comments that people feel disappointed and somewhat sad. So yeap, it is sad to see our heroes fall. So what do you think?

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